Nature of the raccoon.

So allow me to break this awkward six month silence in saying... Hi. :D

The raccoon is my spirit animal, which is of course why it trickles down into my fursona. It started with just a feeling I had even as young as four years old, but over the years it has become more apparent. I've survived homelessness in cities from Toronto to Phoenix to Los Angeles, played my drums on street corners to make enough money to eat for the day (though I also played in bars and had a few big shows), I've dug through garbage cans on occasion to find food or stuff to keep me warm, I developed a tendency while traveling abroad to put on my cute face and pry my way onto someone's couch for a night, a week or a month at a time. When I played in bars, I realized I had a talent for subconciously wooing strangers into buying me beer and food. I've been known to be reckless, promiscuous, obsessed with shinies, cute and cuddly yet potentially vicious, a silent observer in some cases and a social butterfly at other times. In short, a very stereotypical raccoon... But what can I say? Life is for lovin' and livin', I am who I am and I can't be anyone else. I'm interested to know if anyone else has a deeper connection to the raccoon other than just being a furry.

Maybe you'll catch my vibes sometime. ;)

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Doin' the Raccoon

Here's something I happened across on YouTube - a raccoony musical number from 1928. I thought it would be great background music for a fursuit video until I listened a little harder, and realised the lyrics were all about the then-fashion of wearing raccoon-fur coats.

Transcribed lyrics here.
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Trip to the Catoctin Zoo

Well, it has been a long day. Besides waking up at 6am like I normally seem to be doing now. I had several long hours to wait for Midori so that I and her could go to Rockville and go to G-street, a rather expensive fabric store about an hour away.

I figured since I was out and about and in the area....I would go to the Catoctin Zoo and Wildlife Preserve. 13019 Catoctin Furnace Rd., Thurmont, MD 21788. $14,95 per adult. Open till 6pm.

I must say that I am pleasantly surprised and pleased with the experience. Yes, it does have the "petting zoo by the roadside feel", but, it is rather void of omg numbers of people, I believe that we only saw a total of 20 people our entire time there. It is also a rather friendly atmosphere. The employees are actually rather knowledgeable and care about their jobs and the animals, not like many other zoo's I have been to. Not only that, it is a fairly large area with several exhibits, the animals literally just inches within your reach. If you wanted to be retarded and lose a finger by trying to pet the animals your not supposed to, all the more power to you. :P

Oh and they have a resident lazy coon with his own little house. ^.^

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Look out DC Zoo! Your next! Mwuahahahahaha!