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I for one welcome our raccoon overlords 
07:35am 25/08/2011
  http://chicago.cbslocal.com/2011/05/03/raccoons-invading-along-lakefront/ the invasion has started  
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Trash can dangers 
01:12am 26/01/2010
  Raccoon launcher
Raccoon Cam 
08:23am 19/10/2009
  Raccoonies on cam. Figured there outta be somethin here!

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Raccoon bandanna shirt 
12:58pm 25/08/2009
  Saw someone wearing this Raccoon shirt a few days ago and finally searched for it on the internet.
photo of Changes Racoon Black tshirt

I'm not sure who created the shirt (ie. is Zumiez the publisher or just a distributor?)
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Nature of the raccoon. 
05:28pm 22/08/2009
mood: slightly hung over
So allow me to break this awkward six month silence in saying... Hi. :D

The raccoon is my spirit animal, which is of course why it trickles down into my fursona. It started with just a feeling I had even as young as four years old, but over the years it has become more apparent. I've survived homelessness in cities from Toronto to Phoenix to Los Angeles, played my drums on street corners to make enough money to eat for the day (though I also played in bars and had a few big shows), I've dug through garbage cans on occasion to find food or stuff to keep me warm, I developed a tendency while traveling abroad to put on my cute face and pry my way onto someone's couch for a night, a week or a month at a time. When I played in bars, I realized I had a talent for subconciously wooing strangers into buying me beer and food. I've been known to be reckless, promiscuous, obsessed with shinies, cute and cuddly yet potentially vicious, a silent observer in some cases and a social butterfly at other times. In short, a very stereotypical raccoon... But what can I say? Life is for lovin' and livin', I am who I am and I can't be anyone else. I'm interested to know if anyone else has a deeper connection to the raccoon other than just being a furry.

Maybe you'll catch my vibes sometime. ;)


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Happy Valentine's Day, coon fans! 
06:24am 14/02/2009
  I drew a little plushy of my fursona!

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Web Comic with a raccoon... 
11:25am 17/12/2008
  Thanks to savant_da_rat for letting me know that there's a new web comic, Sandra and Woo with a raccoon character.  
just found this 
08:43pm 14/10/2008
  had to share it. ^.^

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Doin' the Raccoon 
09:36pm 14/08/2008
mood: tired
Here's something I happened across on YouTube - a raccoony musical number from 1928. I thought it would be great background music for a fursuit video until I listened a little harder, and realised the lyrics were all about the then-fashion of wearing raccoon-fur coats.

Transcribed lyrics here.
Trip to the Catoctin Zoo 
08:23pm 06/05/2008
  Well, it has been a long day. Besides waking up at 6am like I normally seem to be doing now. I had several long hours to wait for Midori so that I and her could go to Rockville and go to G-street, a rather expensive fabric store about an hour away.

I figured since I was out and about and in the area....I would go to the Catoctin Zoo and Wildlife Preserve. http://www.cwpzoo.com/. 13019 Catoctin Furnace Rd., Thurmont, MD 21788. $14,95 per adult. Open till 6pm.

I must say that I am pleasantly surprised and pleased with the experience. Yes, it does have the "petting zoo by the roadside feel", but, it is rather void of omg numbers of people, I believe that we only saw a total of 20 people our entire time there. It is also a rather friendly atmosphere. The employees are actually rather knowledgeable and care about their jobs and the animals, not like many other zoo's I have been to. Not only that, it is a fairly large area with several exhibits, the animals literally just inches within your reach. If you wanted to be retarded and lose a finger by trying to pet the animals your not supposed to, all the more power to you. :P

Oh and they have a resident lazy coon with his own little house. ^.^

My trip uploaded to photobucket: http://s265.photobucket.com/albums/ii235/locadocoon/Zoo/.

Look out DC Zoo! Your next! Mwuahahahahaha!
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10:35am 10/04/2008
mood: happy
Hello everyone.
I just made discovery of this group, and being a curious raccoon, I just had to investigate. :)
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hello from down udder 
05:56pm 20/02/2008
  I realised I haven’t introduced myself am pony am in Melbourne Australia and into many things check out www.bondagecontrol.com/bondageboiir for full details, hello everyone.

I have a fondness of raccoons love there mischeviesness and there big mighty paws.
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06:54pm 18/02/2008

 Although i am sure many of those present are already familiar with Second life, I post here to display said program and hopefully to draw in some more members of the procyonid inclination. To those interested, i would be happy to act as a guide (though i will not be online until the 23rd)), and equally willing to buy a raccoon avatar for you (though i am woefully short on linden right now, as a former SL bank is refusing to return any money at the moment). The link is below...

and if you simply feel like looking into a furry airfield at which i pseudo-work, go to flyintails.com

... if you have any questions, i can be reached at therealmrnet@hotmail.com or you can send offline IMs in game to Tiberius Thyben.

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07:54pm 17/01/2008
  Porter Airlines has a very cute stylized raccoon as their mascot! Check it out!  
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Hello to all...new member! 
01:20pm 25/12/2007
mood: lonely
Hello all!I was browsing through the internet,and was looking for raccoon fursuits.I found Ristin,wich lead me to here!Im a fox,but I also love raccoons!Im getting more and more into them.I also have a raccoon fursuit.Shes kinda basic.But I still love to wear her!Heres a picture of her:

You can also see her on my Live Journal, jax-fox-2005 .I just had to join!Im also looking for new friends,and especially fursuiters!I have three fursuits in all.If anyone wants to chat with me Im always looking for new friends as I said.You can chat with on Yahoo Instant Messanger at: cute_foxie or on Msn Hotmail chat at: cutefoxie@hotmail.com .Just be aware only YIM has the underscore between the words.I hope to hear from you!Take care.HUGS!

05:40pm 29/11/2007
  Thanks to dotter_can:

Really good raccoon photo by canislutra. That's one of the best poses that I've seen in a 'coon photo.
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Ursa Major Awards and a Raccoon for tea... 
07:51pm 10/04/2007
mood: happy
Just a reminder, voting for the Ursa Major Awards ends in a few days. One of the entries that got shortlisted in the Dramatic Short Work section was Xoflow Films' Raccoon Daze, which I've mentioned here previously. If you watched that raccoony short film and liked it, do consider voting for it before time runs out.

And just so this message isn't solely shilling for Raccoon Daze, here's something else... I work in Geneva, Switzerland. Under the street outside Gare Cornavin (the main railway station), there's a shopping arcade. One of the shops there sells tea and tea-making paraphernalia. Walking past it a few days ago, my attention was grabbed by this teapot:
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11:11pm 13/03/2007
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Fly the Raccoony Skies. 
07:29pm 25/02/2007
mood: chipper
Whilst doing some browsing, I came across these photos of an airbus operated by Frontier Airlines (a low-cost carrier operating in the United States, Mexico, and Canada). This particular aircraft has a very nice raccoon paintjob:

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04:46pm 03/02/2007
mood: cautious
This looks like a good group in which to introduce myself to fellow raccoon furs (and others who read the postings here)...

What can I say about myself? My name is Higgs. I'm a raccoon, obviously... I'm from Australia originally. Although I was there for a break recently (during which I was lucky enough to meet ristin the raccoon), I'm now back in my current workplace of Geneva, Switzerland.

Me trying to be endearing (heh):

And now here's something that will interest anyone with a love of raccoon furs... "Raccoon Daze" is a short film by Xoflow Films. It's about a very ordinary, slightly solitary human who goes to bed one night and wakes up the next morning to find he has been turned into... a raccoon. Check it out here.

As it was released in 2006, I'm considering nominating it for the Dramatic Short Work category in the Ursa Major Awards, and I'd encourage anyone else who likes the film to do so as well. With any luck, the film will make the final list of nominations that people can vote for later.
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