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Hello to all...new member!

Hello all!I was browsing through the internet,and was looking for raccoon fursuits.I found Ristin,wich lead me to here!Im a fox,but I also love raccoons!Im getting more and more into them.I also have a raccoon fursuit.Shes kinda basic.But I still love to wear her!Heres a picture of her:

You can also see her on my Live Journal, jax-fox-2005 .I just had to join!Im also looking for new friends,and especially fursuiters!I have three fursuits in all.If anyone wants to chat with me Im always looking for new friends as I said.You can chat with on Yahoo Instant Messanger at: cute_foxie or on Msn Hotmail chat at: cutefoxie@hotmail.com .Just be aware only YIM has the underscore between the words.I hope to hear from you!Take care.HUGS!

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